Mobile Use Case

  • 7” screen (same form factor as Mini)
  • EMV, NFC, Swiped cards/PIN debit
  • Front facing camera/microphone
  • Wifi/ 3G/no Ethernet
  • Bluetooth/Audio jack

Barcode scanner “gun”

Optional charging dock and mobile printer


Point Of Sale Information

  • Perka Compatible! Click HERE for more info.  |  VIDEO
  • TransArmor Compatible! Click HERE for more info.  |  VIDEO
  • Insightics Compatible! Click HERE for more info.  |  VIDEO
  • Apple Pay Compatible! Click HERE for more info.  |  VIDEO
  • Intuitive setup for quick employee training
  • Accept payments using credit and signature debit cards, cash and check
  • Offline mode - process even when the internet is down
  • On-screen signature capture and marketing opt-in check box
  • Ability to email, text, or print receipts - resend and reprint as needed
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out and manager overrides
  • Issue refunds and manage details of historic orders
  • Easy batch-out and closing at end of day
  • Menu changes sync across all devices in real time

Web Dashboard & Reporting

Payments Summary

  • By tender
  • By card type
  • Cash reports
  • Employee breakout

Item Summary

  • By category or item
  • By quantity
  • Revenue modifiers
  • Discounts

Export Data

  • Employee timecards and metrics
  • Transaction reports
  • Inventory management
  • Customize discounts and tender types
  • Access App Marketplace

Cash Entries

  • By date
  • By event
  • By employee
  • By reason code
  • By order ID

Order Snapshot

  • Volume by date range
  • Total orders
  • Average order
  • Items per order
  • Tax and tender


Clover comes pre-configured out of the box, but we don’t stop there. Since it was built on an open platform, your business can expand its capabilities by downloading apps and features from the CloverTM App Marketplace. Tap into the growing community of developers who are constantly adding new apps and features to the Marketplace that can help streamline and grow your business. Some of the current features include the following:

Tables App

Full service restaurant management. Configure number of seats, send orders per guest, assign and transfer tables between servers.

Happy Hour

An auto-discounting App. Configure drink or food specials based on time of day or days of the week.


A fun App that serves as a virtual sticky-note for employee reminders.

Customer Focused

  • Customer record with name automatically created upon card swipe
  • If the receipt is emailed or texted, phone information is attached to the record as well
  • Email, physical address, and other information can be stored and collected
  • Associated order history details can be easily retrieved, searching by name or phone number